Alarming Seagate Hard Drive Beeping

Seagate drive open with a head visibly stuck on the top platter

This Seagate Rosewood drive came from an external USB drive that was dropped and immediately stopped working. With Seagate hard drive beeping, it is almost always an issue with heads being stuck on the platter. If you have a beeping drive that you need important data from, I offer affordable data recovery services. Recovering Data From Beeping Seagate Hard Drive The process for recovering a beeping hard drive with stuck heads is to open the drive in a clean room and use a specially made tool that separates the heads from the platter. Once those heads are no longer stuck they can be removed and examined under a microscope to check for damage. If any damage is present, swap the heads completely with a donor head set, and reassemble the drive. Carefully imaging the drive with the PC-3000 is recommended, or at the very least use an imager like the Deepspar Disk Imager. The risk when heads get stuck is that they can cause damage to the platter itself. Except for the parking area, the … Read more

Professional Toshiba HD Recovery MQ01ABD075

Toshiba MQ01ABD075 750GB Laptop Drive

This Toshiba HD Recovery would spin up, but would not be recognized by any computer. The customer had tried connecting it to a few different machines, but the drive would not be recognized by the computer at all. This client was looking for an affordable data recovery service to get back their important files. Toshiba HD Recovery When connected to the PC-3000 data recovery rig, the Toshiba hard drive would ID and I could launch the utility, but would not allow access to the data on the platters. This type of symptom is usually caused by a firmware issue on the drive. I read all the firmware modules I could to find what the issue could be. In this case, the G-List had a lot of data present and could be corrupt. Anytime I see a lot of info in the G-list I clear it out before starting the imaging process, but in this case, I was hoping that clearing that module would allow access to the data on the platters. After clearing that firmware … Read more

Quickly Recover Deleted Files From My Passport

Western Digital My Passport Drive

I received a Western Digital My Passport hard drive where I needed to recover deleted files. This drive was connected to a computer with some important Excel files open. The My Passport drive was then physically disconnected without being ejected (and the Excel program was still open). When the drive was reconnected to the computer, the files were no longer visible on the drive. This was a perfect storm situation; important files were open and in use when the drive is disconnected accidentally. Recover Deleted Files Although the files were not deleted, this type of recovery would still be called a deleted file recovery. The process to recover deleted files is the same as the process to recover missing files. The client had taken the drive to a local computer repair shop to see if they could get anything back. The repair shop attempted a deleted file scan and they found evidence of 2 of the important excel files, but they wouldn’t open and appeared to be corrupted. These 2 files were of no use … Read more

Recover Files From USB Drive

16GB Cruze Glide Recovery

Recover files from USB drive. Sounds simple enough, but sometimes these little USB thumb drives can be pretty difficult to recover the data from. This particular USB drive recovery went very smoothly and has a happy ending! We offer affordable USB drive recovery, with special pricing for these little thumb drives! Recover Files From USB Drive USB drives like this Cruzer Glide model are very convenient to store data on temporarily for easy access. Having a backup is always important, especially when you are storing the data on these little USB guys. The standard ExFat or Fat32 format they usually come reformatted in is notorious for getting corrupted due to being unplugged without being properly ejected or similar. But they are extremely convenient! They are so convenient that sometimes you can even forget they are plugged into your laptop when putting it away until you need to access the data and realize the USB connector has broken off completely in the bottom of your backpack. Reaching for your thumb drive and finding two pieces is … Read more

Hard Drive Recovery on Samsung ST1000LM024

Hard Drive Recovery on Samsung ST1000LM024

I get a lot of clients that contact me to ask about my affordable hard drive recovery service. Most have been told by another recovery professional that their drive requires a clean room in order to replace bad heads. In my experience, only about 15-20% of drives that come in require a clean room recovery. Most are recoverable under our Standard or Standard+ tiers. Samsung ST1000LM024 Hard Drive Recovery This drive belonged to a client who had been working with another recovery company for a while. They had been told that a drive with the symptoms this drive had would need a “head swap” to function again. Spin up, spin down drive symptom When plugged into power, the ST1000LM024 hard drive would spin up, seek for a while (sounds like light clicking), then spin back down. It would not be recognized by any computer at all. This Samsung drive came to me with 4 issues present: Bad sectors Weak heads Firmware corruption Partition corruption. The two main issues were the bad sectors present on the … Read more