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Business Server Data Recovery

As a business owner, I understand how important it is to have your server up and running properly. If you need business server data recovery, you are likely pretty stressed. From internal wikis to customer databases to inventory control, your business requires the data on the server more and more these days. Your entire business can grind to a halt when a drive fails, causing a loss of important revenue.

This drive came from a client that owned a business where their server went down and they were told by a local computer repair shop that the drive was the issue. The computer repair shop was not able to recover the data and recommended we attempt a data recovery as backups were not available for some of the data. This particular repair shop sends any recoveries they are not able to complete to us for our affordable data recovery service.

Recovering the data from the crashed server

The drive inside the business server was a Toshiba 1TB DT01ACA100 model from 2017. The first step was to complete a visual inspection of the drive, looking for any heads issues or platter damage. The heads looked good and were reading properly, so it was on to the next steps!

All the drives that have internal parts testing good get certain functions turned off before imaging begins. For instance, there is a function on the drive to list what sectors are bad on the drive so they are not used in the future. If there are many bad sectors, this can cause issues during the imaging process, so this feature is turned off for the imaging process. Configuring the drive for imaging only takes a few minutes but can make the difference between a failed and successful recovery.

Setting Recovery Parameters

During the first imaging pass, I noted there were some areas of the drive that had many sectors that were not reading as quickly as they should. Setting the imager to skip these areas allowed imaging of the rest of the “easily accessible” data quickly without stressing the drive. The first pass was completed fairly quickly and brought back all the easily accessible sectors.

Once all the easily accessible sectors were imaged (about 90% of the sectors), I set the parameters for the second pass to try a little harder (but only once) on the remaining sectors. This allowed me to get 9% more for a total of 99% of the sectors. This second pass took about 4 times longer than the first pass.

For the final pass, I set to multiple retries of every missed sector with a long read time. This will stress the drive but with only .1% left to recover, it is important to get every sector possible at this stage. This last pass took almost double the second pass time. You can see that the final passes can take a very long time to complete, but you want to get back every sector possible from the drive.

Server Data Recovery Results

The final tally was 99.999% of the sectors on the drive recovered! The client was able to get all the server files they needed and got their server back up and running with the recovered data.

I really enjoy working on drives for other business owners as I understand firsthand how important that data can be.

Server Data Recovery Services Available

If you need help getting the data from your server and would like a quote, please visit our quote page to fill out the form and I will get back to you ASAP.

Master Business Server Data Recovery

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