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Recovering Data From A Seagate ST3500641AS 500GB Barracuda Drive

Helping people get back their important data is one of the things I truly enjoy about Data Recovery. It is especially rewarding when you can help someone you know personally get back data that is important to their family.

There is a local farm called Jako that my wife and I love to purchase items we don’t currently have the ability to produce ourselves (like raw cows milk). The family run farm is a great example of what we love about our area here in Kansas. 

I handed a business card over just in case they needed data recovery in the future. About a month later I got a call that their Mac Pro went down with some important excel sheets and they needed help getting the data back.

The Mac Pro was one of the huge models with 4 drive bays of which all had drives installed. The first step was to figure out which drive was the boot drive and if that was the drive that was having issues. I pulled all drives and tested them out to discover only the one boot drive had issues. The boot drive was a 500GB drive from Seagate. Model number ST3500641AS, an older Barracuda drive.

The issue with the drive ended up being firmware related problems. These types of issues can vary from simple fixes to days long processes. In this case it wasn’t too bad! I was able to get the firmware repaired enough to image the drive.

During the imaging process I found some areas with bad sectors. It is pretty likely that the bad sectors on the drive caused the firmware to get corrupted. Usually in cases like this no data is stored in those bad sectors, so not getting them back isn’t an issue. In this case I got back as many sectors as I could and ended up with 99.999% of the sectors on the drive being recovered. 

During the data transfer I didn’t get any errors on the actual data being recovered, so it looks like it was very close to 100% recovered.

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