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1TB Samsung ST1000LM024 With Bad Sectors And Partition Corruption Recovered

I received a call regarding a drive that needed recovered while at the Kansas State Fair with my boys (enjoying some D&J Pronto Pup). It was a referral from a computer repair shop for a drive that they were not able to access the data. The drive belonged to a small business that does carpet cleaning, so they needed it recovered to get their business data back.

The Samsung drive was a 1TB laptop drive with model number ST1000LM024. I was able to test the heads with the PC-3000 and they did test as good, but there were bad sectors on the drive.

When a drive has bad sectors the general idea is to target the files that are most important first. Once those files are being targeted you want to do a fast and easy pass to get all the sectors back that you can without stressing the drive at all. The next pass is a harder pass where you get back more of the sectors that were missed the last time. Then you finally go with a pass that may stress the drive, but will get back as much data as possible. Once all the data that is important has been recovered as much as possible, you continue with the same process to recover the rest of the drive.

In this case after a few passes with the imager I was able to get 100% of the sectors on the drive imaged. Once the imaging was complete I found there was partition corruption on the drive as well. Likely the drive started to fail and wrote incomplete catalog data which caused the corruption I was seeing.

Running a couple different scans with my data recovery software brought back all the data with folder structure intact.

I was able to deliver the recovered directly to the local business and they were pleased to get their data back.

If you need help getting the data back for your business, please fill out a quick quote form and I will get back to you right away about your drive. Or feel free to give us a call and discus your project over the phone.