Affordable Mac Pro Data Recovery ST3500641AS

Seagate ST3500641AS 500GB

Helping people get back their important data is one of the things I truly enjoy about Data Recovery. It is especially rewarding when you can help someone you know personally get back data that is important to their family. There is a local farm called Jako where my wife and I love to purchase items we don’t currently have the ability to produce ourselves (like raw cow’s milk). The family-run farm is a great example of what we love about our area here in Kansas.  I handed a business card over just in case they needed data recovery in the future. About a month later I got a call that their Mac Pro went down with some important excel sheets and they needed help getting the data back. Mac Pro Data Recovery Diagnosis The Mac Pro was one of the huge models with 4 drive bays of which all had hard drives installed. These towers weigh about 70 pounds fully loaded so they are quite a beast. The first step was to figure out which … Read more

Exploring Our City – Reno County Museum

A shelf of history books on Kansas

Reno County Museum We recently decided to visit our local Reno County Museum here in Hutchinson. It was completely on a whim, and I feel that those kinds of outings are usually the most gratifying. It must have something to do with having low expectations and being pleasantly surprised. The boys really immersed themselves in the experience, which is always wonderful to witness. This little outing ended up a perfect homeschooling field trip, and we will definitely be back. Location Reno County Museum is located in downtown Hutchinson. It is a free museum, though they do ask for a small donation. It is just steps away from restaurants like R-B Drive-In and Anchor Inn, and a short stroll away from Main St. which is lined with quaint boutiques, book stores, and cafes, among other things.  We have been deliberately taking time as a family to explore the multitude of city parks here in Hutch. We had a picnic and played for a while at George Pyle Park Playground, which just so happens to be located … Read more

Sedgwick County Zoo – Wichita

An otter deep in the water

Our family often ventures out of Hutch to our neighboring city, Wichita, to visit the Sedgwick County Zoo. Occasionally, if the data recovery business requires a trip down to Wichita, as it often does, the whole family will tag along for some fun. We make it a point to take advantage of the bigger city. There are more restaurants and attractions than in our small town, so day trips to Wichita are always worth the drive. Wichita is less than an hour drive from where we live in Hutchinson. One of our favorite attractions to visit is the Sedgwick County Zoo for it’s hours of entertainment. The kids love walking freely through the maze of exotic wildlife. There are beautiful, scenic views with lush green landscapes and gardens. We often compare it to the Los Angeles Zoo and admire it for its abundant shade, variety of exotic and farm animals, and it’s minimal crowds. Petting Zoo Our kids love the interactive petting zoo with various breeds of farm animals. They especially enjoy the young goats … Read more