Recovering Photos from Accidentally Formatted External Drive

External Toshiba that was accidentally formatted

During one of my pickups in Wichita, I received a call from a client that had an accidentally formatted external hard drive that they needed photos (and some important documents) recovered from. Photo recovery is the number one type of data that I see needing to be recovered from accidentally formatted drives. Because of this, I have invested in some pretty great recovery software that allows me to offer deleted and format recovery services. I do have special pricing for accidental formatting or deleted data recovery. The price for this service is less than my Standard data recovery service. Formatted External Recovery The client told me they were trying to create a boot drive for their computer on the external drive and didn’t realize that formatting the drive would cause all the data to be deleted. They had hoped to just add the operating system to the hard drive while leaving all the data on the drive intact but had accidentally formatted the drive which erased all the data present. The external drive was not … Read more

Beeping Western Digital Recovery

Beeping Western Digital Drive

I have quite a few blog posts about beeping hard drives needing recovery, and most of the time the beeping ends up being caused by the drive heads stuck on the platters. Sometimes the issue with a beeping drive is something else, but the majority of the time it does end up being heads that are stuck on the platter. Beeping Drive Recovery In a lot of these beeping hard drive cases, I am able to safely lift the stuck heads off the platters and move them over to the ramp, inspect them for damage under a microscope, then use the undamaged heads to recover the drive successfully. In some of the cases, I inspect the heads and find they are damaged, replace the head stack with a donor head stack, then recover the data successfully. DIY recovery for beeping drive If you go online to YouTube or other forums, you will see articles with people saying to just take apart your drive and move the heads off the platters, then turn it back on … Read more

Dead Seagate ST9500325AS Bad Heads Recovery

500GB Seagate Mobile Drive with 1 bad head

This Seagate ST9500325AS 500GB drive used to be a popular model that you would find in a lot of Windows-based laptops. This particular hard drive came in from a customer that said their drive just stopped working suddenly, and now no computer would recognize it at all. The customer even tried bringing it into a computer repair shop to see if they could get the drive to mount and recover some of his important data. Seagate ST9500325AS Recovery The shop they brought this ST9500325AS hard drive to said they could not access anything on the drive at all. The drive wasn’t making abnormal noises, but their data recovery equipment would just not recognize the hard drive at all. The shop recommended that they send the hard drive to us for recovery as we have had good success recovering drives for them in the past at an affordable rate. If you have brought your computer to a computer repair shop or even a recovery shop and have been told your drive is not recoverable or will … Read more

CompactFlash Recovery for Important Christmas Photos

Back of SanDisk Compact flash card

A client from here in Hutchinson, Kansas called about a CompactFlash card from a camera that had captured a bunch of great family Christmas photos this year. When the CF card was attached to the computer to load the pictures from the holiday, they were not showing up. These Christmas shots were especially special as they included aging grandparents with the grandkids, and it was super important to get a CompactFlash recovery completed. Note that we have special pricing for these camera card recoveries. They are generally less work to recover than standard hard drives, so we offer recovery at a more affordable rate. CompactFlash Photo Recovery Photos are something we get asked to recover frequently, and as a dad, I understand just how important photos can be. I love going through photos of all my boys and reminiscing, and every single picture is important even though I have thousands! So when I get a call about recovering priceless family albums, I know how important that data can be. Whether you have a CompactFlash card … Read more

HTS545050A7E362 Critical Bad Blocks Data Recovery

HGST 500GB drive that has bad blocks

This 500GB HGST HTS545050A7E362 MacBook Pro laptop drive came to us from a shop nearby in Wichita. They had a customer that brought the MacBook in and said it had just stopped working without warning. The repair shop was able to quickly narrow the issue down to the HGST hard drive itself which has an Apple part number 655-1730G. Bad Blocks Data Recovery The repair shop tested the drive by plugging it into some of their own machines that they use to extract data from drives, but the machines would not mount the drive. The customer was informed the drive was the issue and quoted for a repair. The customer let the shop know that they needed the data from the old drive, as there were photos and work documents present that they didn’t want to leave behind. The Wichita computer repair shop recommended us for the recovery as we are close by Wichita and offer affordable recovery with a very high success rate. We usually find ourselves in Wichita once a week, so if … Read more

Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 With Bad Sectors Recovered

Hitachi laptop drive with bad sectors

This 750GB Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 hard drive came from a client in McPherson, Kansas. Their hard drive had stopped working before they were able to completely backup the important photos and work excel documents stored on the drive. They brought the drive into us for data recovery and I started on the diagnosis right away. Bad Sectors I found that the problem with the drive was not with the heads, firmware, or PCB, but rather was an issue with failing sectors on the drive. Often times this issue is called “bad sectors”. Basically, the sectors hold the data on the drive and some of them can fail with age. There are millions of sectors on a drive, so when some of them start having issues it can make a drive not work properly. Depending on where the bad sectors are on the drive will dictate how the drive acts. Sometimes those bad sectors are just in areas storing files that are not used very frequently. When you go to open a file that is an area … Read more

Clicking Western Digital Hard Drive Surprising Recovery

Clicking Western Digital Desktop Drive

A customer contact me and reported that their Western Digital WD3200AAKS 320GB drive from 2008 had stopped working and was making a clicking sound. It would no longer mount on the computer, but did make an audible clicking sound before spinning down. Bad Heads Recovery? They first took it to a recovery shop that diagnosed the clicking Western Digital hard drive as having bad heads. The shop said that because the drive made clicking sounds then spun down, and was not accessible to their recovery rigs, they would not be able to recover the drive. The shop recommended they try us for an affordable clean room data recovery since the photos and music files on the drive were very important to the client. Diagnosing the clicking Western Digital Once the hard drive arrived I started with an inspection. The head stack appeared to be in good shape and there wasn’t any media damage present. This made me think there could be a weak head (a head that seems to be in good shape but does … Read more

Hard drive not showing up Windows 10

Desktop Seagate drive that is not showing up when plugged in

This 1TB Hard drive not showing up Windows 10 was a Seagate Desktop HDD with the model number ST1000DM003. It was reported that it had just stopped working randomly with the symptoms of not showing up in Windows 10 when plugged into the computer. The client initially went to a computer repair shop and had the drive diagnosed as failed. When a drive is not showing up in Windows 10, it can be a lot of different things causing the issue. It could be an issue with the drive, with the cables connecting the drive to the computer, the drive itself, or a combination of problems. If there are no odd sounds coming from the drive that is not showing up, it would be a good idea to try plugging the drive into another computer. If the second computer doesn’t see the drive, then you know the drive itself is the issue. Seagate Not Showing Up Recovery In this case, the customer’s local computer repair shop tested the drive by plugging it into a computer … Read more

How to recover data from laptop hard drive that won’t boot

HGST 1TB laptop drive not showing up

This 1TB HGST drive came to us from a shop locally here in Wichita. The Wichita shop received a drive that wasn’t showing up on the computers they would plug it into, and they were not able to complete software-based recovery on the drive. This shop likes to refer people to us as we are normally able to recover the data quickly and for a lot less than any competitor data recovery companies. Recovering Important Music From Hard Drive That Won’t Boot This particular drive had some important audio files for a DJ that had created original music. The customer had tried the Geek Squad from Best Buy first but was told they were not able to recover anything from the drive without sending it out for recovery. The quote for the recovery through Best Buy was $1450. The customer decided to not go through them for recovery but brought the drive to their local computer repair shop instead. The local computer repair shop attempted a recovery on the drive but found it would not … Read more

Unresponsive Samsung SSD Data Recovery Service

Samsung 850 PRO not being recognized by computer

I received this unresponsive Samsung 850 Pro as a mail-in for our SSD data recovery service. The client mailed the 512GB solid state drive in from Michigan to my lab here in Kansas. They needed the data from the hard drive, but it was not mounting on their computer at all. In fact, the computer would not recognize the SSD when connected. The client had already tried connecting the drive to other computers and had troubleshot the issue until they were certain the drive itself was the issue. The customer had discussed their Samsung 850 Pro with other recovery companies before deciding on us to attempt the recovery. They liked our affordable flat rate recovery service as well as the fact I was able to discuss what the issue might be for this particular Samsung SSD data recovery. Firmware Samsung SSD Data Recovery The problem with this drive ended up being a firmware-based issue. These Samsung 850 PRO drives have a common firmware issue that you can address using the PC-3000 by ACE Laboratories. Thanks … Read more