CompactFlash Recovery for Important Christmas Photos

A client from here in Hutchinson, Kansas called about a CompactFlash card from a camera that had captured a bunch of great family Christmas photos this year. When the CF card was attached to the computer to load the pictures from the holiday, they were not showing up. These Christmas shots were especially special as they included aging grandparents with the grandkids, and it was super important to get a CompactFlash recovery completed.

Note that we have special pricing for these camera card recoveries. They are generally less work to recover than standard hard drives, so we offer recovery at a more affordable rate.

CompactFlash Photo Recovery

Photos are something we get asked to recover frequently, and as a dad, I understand just how important photos can be. I love going through photos of all my boys and reminiscing, and every single picture is important even though I have thousands! So when I get a call about recovering priceless family albums, I know how important that data can be.

Whether you have a CompactFlash card or an SD card that needs recovery services, I can help! I have recovered hundreds of these cards over the years, even one of my own. If you have photos on a regular hard drive that you need to be recovered, I can help with that as well.

Diagnosing Sandisk

In this case, the client dropped the Sandisk Extreme Pro card off and it was testing as good hardware wise. So the issue seemed to be with the information on the drive, rather than with the drive itself. I always start with a full image of the device when performing software based recovery. Once the imager was completed with 100% of the data moved over, I continued with the software recovery methods using my favorite recovery programs.

Recovering the photos

I usually run at least two recovery programs on any drive where the data is missing to make sure to get back as much of the data as possible. In this case, the first recovery program got everything back, including folder structure! The titles of the images were intact and I could see that every photo was fully recovered.

Not all recoveries like this bring back all folder structure and filenames. Sometimes a software based recovery like this one will get back the raw photos, but without their file names intact. The good thing is that with photos, the title is usually of little consequence. The client was very pleased to get their important Christmas photos back, and I was pleased to have been able to provide a successful data recovery service to a neighbor!

Complete your own CompactFlash Recovery

There are a couple of options for recovering your own CompactFlash card. Just be very careful when attempting the recovery as it can be easy to make things worse during the recovery attempt. There are a few inexpensive data recovery programs that are usually pretty good at getting photos off CompactFlash cards. If you have a Mac, a good one is Data Rescue. If you have a Windows machine, R-Studio is a good choice.

If you would rather not risk completing the recovery yourself, I do offer my data recovery services nationwide! So if you would like to get data recovered from a device, feel free to give me a call at (620) 615-6836 and we can discuss your recovery. Or if you prefer, you can fill out my free quote form and I will get back to you about your recovery ASAP.

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