Honest Hard Disk Data Recovery Cost On Western Digital With Heads Issue

WD hard disk data recovery cost

If the heads issue on your drive requires a head swap procedure, our cleanroom hard disk data recovery cost is a $699 flat rate fee. While we are not the cheapest hard drive recovery service, I believe we offer the best value in the industry. Our safe data recovery methods coupled with years of experience and the best tools possible make our HDD data recovery cost very reasonable. Cleanroom Hard Disk Data Recovery Cost This drive came into us from a shop in Wichita that has been sending us drives that they have not been able to recover themselves. We have been working with this shop for about a year now, and have a very good success rate with the drives they send. They attempt very basic recovery techniques but don’t do any of the risky or unsafe data recovery procedures that so many repair shops attempt. The shop likes that our HDD data recovery cost allows their clients to get their data back without spending $1000’s as they had to before when they would … Read more

2TB Seagate Expansion Stopped Showing Up – Expert Recovery Without Head Swap

Seagate Expansion Stopped Showing Up

This Seagate Expansion stopped showing up when connected to a computer. The client first brought the drive to a computer repair shop for diagnostics and was told that it would be best to go to a professional data recovery lab to get the data back from this drive. The repair shop said it sounded like the drive may have bad heads, and they recommended us for having an affordable clean room recovery rate. Seagate Expansion Stopped Showing Up This particular drive is one of the Rosewood model Seagate drives that are found inside the external USB drives called the Expansion Portable Hard Drive. These Rosewood drives are fairly common, and we do tend to see more data recoveries being needed on these drives than some other model drives. I cover the reasons behind the seemingly higher than usual failure rate in this Rosewood blog post, but basically, the issues with the drives are complex firmware and fragile parts likely due to the drive being designed to be as thin as possible. Recovery diagnosis Once the … Read more

Why is my external hard drive beeping?

Beeping hard drive

Recovering hard drive that is making a beeping noise This beeping Samsung drive came in from a local computer repair shop. They had sent it to us for recovery as they were not able to get anything from it themselves. They reported that when plugged in the drive would make audible beeps, but would not show up on their computer at all. If you run a repair shop and need an affordable recovery lab to work with, please get in touch as we offer a few options! Why is my external hard drive beeping? Your external hard drive is beeping because the platters are not able to spin as they should. This is usually caused by the heads being stuck to the surface of the platter instead of being on the parking ramp where they should be. Beeping hard drives are usually drives with stuck heads. Many people will hear the beeping sound coming from their Samsung drive and think it is some sort of error noise. I have had a couple of clients mention … Read more

Professional Seagate Data Recovery

1127 ST2000DM001 Tax File Recovery

This last Tax season was a busy time here at Yellow Brick Data Recovery. A lot of people try to get old receipts and other tax related documents off of drives they have been stored in and find there is an issue with the drive. We get drives from all over the country during this time via our mail-in service. Seagate Data Recovery A call came in from a client in Colorado who explained their external Seagate hard drive had stopped working suddenly and they needed a Seagate data recovery service so they could access their important files in time for tax season. It was reported that the drive would spin up as it should, but would not be recognized by the computer at all. The client had even tried removing the ST2000DM001 hard drive from inside the Seagate external enclosure and plugging it directly into a computer. They thought maybe the drive wasn’t receiving enough power or there was some other issue with the hard drive enclosure. Unfortunately, the drive continued to not show … Read more

Laptop Hard Drive Crash Recovery From Hitachi Drive

1118 HTS54757A9E384 Crashed Drive

This hard drive crash recovery came to us from a computer repair shop whose client had brought in a laptop that stopped working. The Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 laptop drive was found to be the issue with the computer so the repair shop attempted to recover the data with their recovery software. When they were unsuccessful in recovering the data, the repair shop recommended the client contact us for an affordable data recovery service. We are proud to be able to help computer repair shops recover their client’s important data. We work with quite a few shops across the country that either refer their clients to us through our referral program, or they send their client’s drives to us for our white label data recovery service. I worked in a computer repair shop years ago, so I understand the needs you have as a computer shop owner. Hard Drive Crash Recovery We are used to seeing drives with photos and documents as the most important data, but this hard drive had race tunes for a race car! … Read more

ST2000DM008 Data Recovery – Unique Case Study

1120 ST2000DM008 stopped working

This ST2000DM008 data recovery was for a Seagate BarraCuda drive that just stopped working randomly for the client. They took their computer to a shop local to them when the drive stopped working and were told that the data was not accessible and would need professional data recovery in order to get the important data off of it. Recovering Seagate Drive with Firmware Issue This client needed their photos and documents off the failed Seagate hard drive, so they called us to see if we could help. Thankfully we were able to offer an affordable recovery option that was successful in recovering their important files! If you have an st2000dm008 not showing up, we can help you get your data back. Diagnosing the hard drive for recovery Once the ST2000DM008 data recovery drive arrived I started with a visual inspection and found that everything looked great. The drive sounded perfect when powered on with no odd seeking sounds. Connecting the ST2000DM008 hard drive to the PC-3000 showed the drive was not getting ready. When a … Read more

Dropped My Passport Successful Data Recovery

1117 WD10TMWV dropped drive recovery

Data Recovery From Western Digital Drive This Western Digital My Passport needed to be recovered after being dropped. Data Recovery for My Passports can be a little more involved than average drives due to the USB port that is soldered onto the printed circuit board (PCB) on the bottom of the drive. Most advanced data recovery tools need a SATA connection to perform some of the more advanced procedures, so swapping out the USB PCB for a standard PCB is usually necessary during the recovery process. Our affordable data recovery services cover My Passports as well as other external and internal hard drives. Dropped My Passport In this case, a client contacted us to request data recovery on his 10 year old My Passport which had been working great until it was dropped. The My Passport had stopped working completely after the drop, and it had important photo catalogs and the photo media itself. The customer was further away, so they went ahead and mailed it to us for recovery. Our mail-in service is very … Read more

Odd Samsung 970 EVO Data Recovery

1122 Samsung 970 EVO Recovery

Sometimes a data recovery doesn’t go as you expect, this Samsung 970 EVO data recovery definitely was out of the ordinary! These Solid State Drives are excellent to help speed up your computer. As the price comes down I am seeing more and more of these in the wild. I expect to see a lot of these drives needing data recovery as they are so popular. Remember to always back up your data as any drive can fail. Samsung 970 EVO Mail-in Recovery This Samsung 970 EVO needed data recovery because it had important data that could no longer be accessed. The client stated that the Samsung SSD just stopped working out of the blue. They had brought it into a computer repair shop, but the repair shop said they were not able to recover any of the data from the drive as it would not mount or even be recognized on any of their recovery rigs. Almost all the drives I receive for data recovery have already been to a computer repair shop. Some … Read more

Distressed Toshiba DT01ACA100 Stopped Mounting

Toshiba 3.5 inch that stopped mounting.

Data recovery on Toshiba DT01ACA100 to get back database file. This Toshiba DT01ACA100 drive stopped showing up on the computer and it had a very important database file for the owner’s business. They first brought it to a shop that took a look at the drive and attempted to get the data off but were not successful in being able to retrieve anything from the drive. The shop recommended us for affordable data recovery and the client decided to send us the drive for a recovery attempt. Weak head and bad sectors Once I received the drive I diagnosed it and found that it had a weak head as well as some bad sectors. The first step with a weak head is to disable the head and get back everything else possible without utilizing the weak head. Once that was complete, I turned the weak head back on and used very gentle imaging settings to get back as much data as possible without stressing the weak head. I changed the imaging settings after each pass … Read more

Unusual ST1000LM035 Firmware Issues Recovery

Seagate drive that won’t boot

There are times (rare, but they do happen) when I receive a drive with a firmware issue that is beyond my capabilities to fix. Firmware issues can be very routine (like the Module 32 WD Slow Fix firmware issue), to something like this ST1000LM035 firmware situation where I had to contact the makers of the PC-3000 data recovery rig I have to help with the firmware fix. Recovering ST1000LM035 Firmware Issue This ST1000LM035 Seagate hard drive was a mail-in from Houston, Texas. The client needed to get their personal photos and school documents from the Seagate drive that was inside their laptop. The drive was no longer mounting and the other repair and recovery shops they had gone to said the drive was not recoverable. They reported the drive had just stopped working and had not been dropped or damaged in any way. Inspecting the drive for recovery When I received the drive, I completed a visual inspection and found that the drive looked physically perfect. No issues were visible with the heads, platters, PCB, … Read more