ST2000DM008 Data Recovery – Unique Case Study

This ST2000DM008 data recovery was for a Seagate BarraCuda drive that just stopped working randomly for the client. They took their computer to a shop local to them when the drive stopped working and were told that the data was not accessible and would need professional data recovery in order to get the important data off of it.

Recovering Seagate Drive with Firmware Issue

This client needed their photos and documents off the failed Seagate hard drive, so they called us to see if we could help. Thankfully we were able to offer an affordable recovery option that was successful in recovering their important files! If you have an st2000dm008 not showing up, we can help you get your data back.

Diagnosing the hard drive for recovery

Once the ST2000DM008 data recovery drive arrived I started with a visual inspection and found that everything looked great. The drive sounded perfect when powered on with no odd seeking sounds. Connecting the ST2000DM008 hard drive to the PC-3000 showed the drive was not getting ready. When a hard drive does not become ready you are not able to go any further with the recovery process until you can get the drive to become ready. I applied a patch to the firmware that will usually allow access to an ST2000DM008 hard drive that is busy, but in this case, the symptoms remained the same.

Altering firmware via terminal

The next step was to connect to the drive via terminal access. I turned off everything in the firmware that I could and attempted to connect to the hard drive again, but it was still busy and would not become ready. I knew the issue was firmware related, so I contacted another recovery tech I know to see if they had run into the same problem recently. They offered a command to run in the terminal that worked for them when they ran into the exact same issue and viola; the drive became ready and I immediately configured it for imaging.

It is super helpful to have friends in the data recovery industry that you can discuss difficult cases with. There are times when you will only see a particular issue on a drive once or twice ever, even when you are working with a lot of projects. Pooling knowledge when possible is a great help to everyone involved.

Imaging Process for ST2000DM008 Data Recovery

Once access to the data was possible, the imaging process went very smoothly. I was able to image 100% of the sectors on the hard drive in a single pass with the imager. Once the Seagate hard drive was imaged, I ran the standard data recovery scans to be sure I got all the data off the drive. The scans showed the exact same folder structure and file numbers as the drive showed when mounted! All folder structure and files were present, so I was able to move all the recovered files to the new hard drive without issue.

This ST2000DM008 data recovery project was covered under our affordable Standard recovery tier. The recovery took 3 days in total to complete and the client was very pleased with the results!

Start your own data recovery

If you have a Seagate hard drive that is no longer working (or any other model hard drive) and you would like to use our affordable data recovery service, just contact me with any questions or fill out my recovery form to get started! I look forward to helping you get back your important data.

Drive info: Seagate BARRACUDA, ST2000DM008, PN: 2FR102 – 300, FW: 0001, WWN:5000C500C4315F24, DOM: 07DEC2019, Site: TK

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