Odd Samsung 970 EVO Data Recovery

Sometimes a data recovery doesn’t go as you expect, this Samsung 970 EVO data recovery definitely was out of the ordinary! These Solid State Drives are excellent to help speed up your computer. As the price comes down I am seeing more and more of these in the wild. I expect to see a lot of these drives needing data recovery as they are so popular. Remember to always back up your data as any drive can fail.

Samsung 970 EVO Mail-in Recovery

This Samsung 970 EVO needed data recovery because it had important data that could no longer be accessed. The client stated that the Samsung SSD just stopped working out of the blue. They had brought it into a computer repair shop, but the repair shop said they were not able to recover any of the data from the drive as it would not mount or even be recognized on any of their recovery rigs. Almost all the drives I receive for data recovery have already been to a computer repair shop. Some shops even tell their clients that the drive will not be recoverable by anyone, so I always recommend getting a second opinion on an unrecoverable drive.

Because the client was outside our local area, they chose to utilize our affordable mail-in data recovery service. It is very easy to utilize our mail-in repair service. You just fill out our recovery form located at the top right of every page, then we will send you instructions for mailing the drive in for recovery. Once the drive arrives, we recover the data and mail it back to you! We recover drives that have been shipped to us from all over the country.

When this Samsung 970 EVO drive arrived for recovery, I started with a visual inspection (looking for burned chips or liquid damage), as well as testing the power-related components to verify there wasn’t a problem that required some soldering. Everything looked good, so the next step was to connect it to the recovery rig and attempt to image the drive.

Freezing the recovery rig

The recovery rig I connected the drive to immediately froze and rebooted. Once it was booted up it would not recognize the drive. The fact it was causing the rig to reboot when connected told me the drive was responding somewhat! I decided to connect the drive using a USB adapter. Normally I would not use an adapter because I have fewer options available to me when using USB, but in this case, my hope was that the USB adapter would make a difference in allowing me to access the drive fully.

Switching to USB

Once the USB adapter was in place the drive no longer froze my recovery rig! I was able to prepare it for imaging and image 100% of the sectors on the drive. Once the image was complete I ran the data recovery software needed to get the data out of the sectors and then transferred all the data to the new hard drive. 

Recovery Results

This recovery was 100% successful and was covered under our affordable standard data recovery tier. All folder structure was intact so everything was just the way it had been before the drive stopped working. The whole recovery process took about 5 days from start to finish, including moving all the recovered data to the new drive and mailing everything back to the client. They were very pleased with the results!

Start the recovery process

If you have a Samsung EVO or other V-NAND SSD that needs data recovery, please contact me with any questions or fill out my recovery form to get the process started. I offer my affordable data recovery services nationwide so you don’t need to be nearby in order to utilize my services.

Drive info: Samsung 970 EVO, V-NAND SSD, Model: MZ-V7E500, PN MZVLB500HAJQ, 500GB 

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