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This 2TB Western Digital Hard Drive Had Bad Sectors.

This drive came from a local neighbor here in Hutchinson, Kansas.  The customer reported that certain folders could not be accessed and if they did load often the files inside the folders would not open. The data was important enough to warrant data recovery, and no backup was available with the data on it. For those keeping score at home this was a Western Digital 2TB desktop sized drive with model number WD20EARS.

The reported symptom (certain folders and data not accessible) could be caused by corruption, an operating system issue on the computer, a permissions issue, an issue with the drive itself, or some kind of malware. The first step was to image as much of the drive as possible, and it was during this step that I discovered the folders he was having trouble accessing were saved on portions of the drive with unreadable sectors. Unreadable sectors (also known as bad sectors) on a drive can cause all kinds of symptoms including clicking! In this case it would just mean the computer would not be able to access the data held by the bad sectors and would fail to open the folders/files.

With the PC-3000 Data Recovery Rig I am able to image as much as possible off a drive with this issue, but sometimes some sectors are just not recoverable. In this case after multiple passes I was only able to recover 99% of the sectors on the drive. This allowed the recovery of over half of the important data, but some data was just not fully recoverable. Pictures were one of the more important file types I was recovering, and a picture with missing sectors generally has some kind of issue like artifacts, color issues, half the picture cut off, etc. Thankfully a lot of the most important data was recoverable.

The customer was pleased to get data back, even though it wasn’t all the data they were hoping for.

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