Data Recovery in Hutchinson Kansas

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Hutchinson Data Recovery Process

Our home based office is located here in Hutchinson, so if you are nearby and have a drive that needs recovered, just fill out our data recovery quote form to start the recovery process! This form allows me to give you an idea on the cost for the recovery, as well as setup a pickup or drop-off appointment with you.

We are always excited to be able to help a neighbor get their important data back.

Devices we recover in Hutchinson

We offer data recovery services in Hutchinson for basically every model of drive! We service Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Kingston, Hitachi, Samsung, Sandisk… pretty much every brand, external or internal, USB to Firewire, we can help you get the important data off your failing drive! We can also help recover data from the newer MacBook Pro’s that have the data chips built into the logic board, as well as recover data from iPhones.

If you have a unique drive and you would like to check that we will indeed offer recovery for it, just fill out our quote form and we will get back to you right away.

Clean Room Data Recovery Services in Hutch

We have the ability to provide clean room recovery services, right here in Hutchinson Kansas. That is right, we do not ship our your drive for lab data recovery services, we complete the clean room recoveries right here. We have one of the only clean room recovery labs located in Kansas, almost every other company ships their drives out of state to complete clean room recoveries.

We have invested in top of the line data recovery tools that allow us to offer data recovery on drives that have mechanical failures including bad heads, drives that have been dropped, drives with failed PCB’s (printed circuit boards), drives with advanced firmware issues and more!

We have the tools and knowledge necessary to complete recoveries that are sent to us from a lot of the computer repair shops in the area including a lot of the repair shops in Wichita. When a computer repair shop can’t get the data back, they use us!

Data Recovery Pricing

Our pricing structure for data recovery is flat rate and completely transparent. No hidden fees, no bait and switch. As you can see below we offer everything from deleted file recovery to clean room lab recovery, all based out of Hutchinson, Kansas. Just fill out our free quote form to get started.


Most Common


  • Bad Sectors
  • Partition Corruption
  • Standard Firmware Issues




  • Encrypted Drives
  • Larger Capacity Drives

Lab Restoration

Clean Room


  • Internal Parts Needed
  • Bad Read/Write Heads
  • Bad Preamp

Deleted File Recovery


  • Formatted Drive
  • Erased Data
  • Missing Files

iPhone Data Recovery


  • Liquid Damage
  • Just Stopped Working
  • Drop Damage

MacBook Pro 2016+ Recovery


  • Liquid Damage
  • Just Stopped Working
  • Drop Damage

Our Hutchinson Neighbors Appreciate Us!

If you read through our reviews, you will find our Hutchinson neighbors love our work. We are always so pleased to be able to provide excellent customer service to our neighbors.

Yellow Brick Data Recovery IconYellow Brick Data Recovery

8411 Medora Road, Hutchinson

5.0 10 reviews

  • Avatar Byron Watkins ★★★★★ a week ago
    They were able to recover all the files off my old 1997 hard drive for an incredible price. I thought my Music folder was lost forever. So thankful they were able to.
  • Avatar Daniel King ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Aaron was awesome! He was quick, kept me informed, and best of all, got my data back!
  • Avatar Terry Landon ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Recovery of priceless information from failed drive which was identified as unrecoverable by two previous data recovery vendors.
    Fantastic service! Thank you!
  • Avatar Lori L. Montgomery ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Excellent to work with, great company to work with!
  • Avatar Jim B. ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Great service. Will come to your location to pick up and deliver the hardware. Yellow Brick succeeded where another data recovery business that I used had failed.

Recovery Stories

Check out my repair blog for stories about recoveries on drives that came to us from Hutchinson and the surrounding area:

1TB Laptop Samsung Drive Recovered Fully
I get a lot of clients that contact me to ask about my Lab Recovery service. Most have been told by another recovery professional that their drive requires a clean room in order to replace bad heads. In my experience only about 15-20% of drives that come in require a clean room recovery. Most are recoverable under our Standard or Standard+ tiers. Samsung ST1000LM024 Recovery This drive belonged to a …
1TB Samsung ST1000LM024 With Bad Sectors And Partition Corruption Recovered
I received a call regarding a drive that needed recovered while at the Kansas State Fair with my boys (enjoying some D&J Pronto Pup). It was a referral from a computer repair shop for a drive that they were not able to access the data. The drive belonged to a small business that does carpet cleaning, so they needed it recovered to get their business data back. The Samsung drive …

We know how it feels to deal with confusing pricing, so we try our best to make our pricing easy to understand. Hard drive recovery terminology can be daunting, so please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are happy to discuss your particular case and explain which tier we believe the drive will end up requiring.