Slow Fix Western Digital 500GB WD5000BPKT Recovery

This drive was referred by a shop near Partridge, Kansas. It was thought to have some kind of heads issue as it wouldn’t read on a computer, but you could hear it spin up and start seeking. This particular model is known to have a firmware issue called the “Slow Issue”. The fix has been used so much it is now called the “Slow Fix”.

The issue with the firmware is that a particular firmware module gets corrupted. This module must be read by the drive during use, so when it is corrupted the drive may read and write incredibly slow, or not read and write at all. And by incredibly slow, I do mean very, very, very slow. Like moving a single picture could take a day or two to complete.

In order to fix the slow issue you have to write a good copy of the firmware module to the drive to replace the corrupted module. The process is usually pretty straightforward with the PC-3000 as long as you have a compatible firmware module available, but sometimes there can be hiccups and the repair can be more difficult.

In this case I did not have the correct firmware module already available for this particular drive, but I did have another donor drive that was compatible! So I just had to backup the good firmware, and write a copy to the bad drive.

Once the firmware issue was resolved, I was able to image 100% of the sectors on the drive. The client was pleased to get all their data back without having to pay for an expensive heads swap as he had been quoted for in the past.

Please let me know if you have any questions about a data recovery project. I love recovering data!