Western Digital WD2500JS Data Recovery

WD2500JS Data Recovery

A shop we have worked with for some time sent this WD2500JS data recovery project to us to attempt to get the client’s important data back. The drive had been used inside an iMac for years before the iMac stopped working. The shop diagnosed the drive as having issues and needing data recovery and they sent the drive over to us for the project to be completed. WD2500JS Data Recovery Project The Western Digital hard drive arrived with the symptoms being described as the hard drive will spin up and sounds good, but won’t show up on any computer for data recovery software to access. Because the drive was reported as sounding good, with no drops, I started by connecting it to my PC-3000. Once connected, the drive spun up correctly just as described, and it got ready. I ran the utility for this drive and did all the standard fixes and got it configured for imaging. Once that process was complete I went ahead and left it connected to the PC-3000 and started the … Read more

Big Western Digital Data Recovery – WD50NDZW

Western Digital Data Recovery - WD50NDZW

These massive 5TB portable drives continue to amaze me even after seeing them for years. I grew up in a time where having a 1GB 3.5” drive was amazing, so seeing 5TB in such a small form factor is really impressive. Unfortunately, these awesomely large-capacity drives still fail in various ways! This Western Digital Data Recovery was a WD50NDZW model hard drive that came from a client that said the drive wouldn’t mount on his computer any longer. 5TB Western Digital Data Recovery The issues had gotten worse over time, but now the drive would not be recognized by his computer at all. He brought the external USB drive to a local repair shop to see if the issue was with his computer or with the drive, and the shop confirmed that the drive would not show up on any of their computers either. They said they thought the issue was likely with the PCB on the drive. They reported the drive sounded perfectly fine, it just wouldn’t show up on their machine. The shop … Read more

Honest Hard Disk Data Recovery Cost On Western Digital With Heads Issue

WD hard disk data recovery cost

If the heads issue on your drive requires a head swap procedure, our cleanroom hard disk data recovery cost is a $699 flat rate fee. While we are not the cheapest hard drive recovery service, I believe we offer the best value in the industry. Our safe data recovery methods coupled with years of experience and the best tools possible make our HDD data recovery cost very reasonable. Cleanroom Hard Disk Data Recovery Cost This drive came into us from a shop in Wichita that has been sending us drives that they have not been able to recover themselves. We have been working with this shop for about a year now, and have a very good success rate with the drives they send. They attempt very basic recovery techniques but don’t do any of the risky or unsafe data recovery procedures that so many repair shops attempt. The shop likes that our HDD data recovery cost allows their clients to get their data back without spending $1000’s as they had to before when they would … Read more

Dropped My Passport Successful Data Recovery

1117 WD10TMWV dropped drive recovery

Data Recovery From Western Digital Drive This Western Digital My Passport needed to be recovered after being dropped. Data Recovery for My Passports can be a little more involved than average drives due to the USB port that is soldered onto the printed circuit board (PCB) on the bottom of the drive. Most advanced data recovery tools need a SATA connection to perform some of the more advanced procedures, so swapping out the USB PCB for a standard PCB is usually necessary during the recovery process. Our affordable data recovery services cover My Passports as well as other external and internal hard drives. Dropped My Passport In this case, a client contacted us to request data recovery on his 10 year old My Passport which had been working great until it was dropped. The My Passport had stopped working completely after the drop, and it had important photo catalogs and the photo media itself. The customer was further away, so they went ahead and mailed it to us for recovery. Our mail-in service is very … Read more

Dropped My Passport Data Recovery

My Passport External Hard Drive Not showing up

My Passport stops showing up after drop This Western Digital My Passport external drive was dropped and then stopped showing up on the client’s computer. The client initially took the drive to another recovery shop that was nearer to them but were told their My Passport drive could not be recovered by them. Thankfully, the shop referred the client to us for My Passport data recovery and I was able to successfully get back their important data at an affordable price! Swapping the PCB Once the My Passport was received I started with a recovery diagnosis. This particular My Passport had a WD10TMVW model hard drive inside. This particular hard drive has a PCB board with a USB port directly attached to the board. This means that the data recovery tools (which are designed to work with regular SATA connections) can’t connect to the drive directly. I started by swapping out the USB PCB with a donor PCB with a SATA connection. It can be very difficult to find the PCB with the SATA connection … Read more

Clicking Western Digital Hard Drive Surprising Recovery

Clicking Western Digital Desktop Drive

A customer contact me and reported that their Western Digital WD3200AAKS 320GB drive from 2008 had stopped working and was making a clicking sound. It would no longer mount on the computer, but did make an audible clicking sound before spinning down. Bad Heads Recovery? They first took it to a recovery shop that diagnosed the clicking Western Digital hard drive as having bad heads. The shop said that because the drive made clicking sounds then spun down, and was not accessible to their recovery rigs, they would not be able to recover the drive. The shop recommended they try us for an affordable clean room data recovery since the photos and music files on the drive were very important to the client. Diagnosing the clicking Western Digital Once the hard drive arrived I started with an inspection. The head stack appeared to be in good shape and there wasn’t any media damage present. This made me think there could be a weak head (a head that seems to be in good shape but does … Read more

Recover Data From WD My Passport External Hard Drive

My Passport Ultra for Mac

This 4TB My Passport drive was shipped in from sunny Burbank in Southern California. The reported issue with the drive is that the data was not accessible to the user on any computer. The client had tried connecting the My Passport external hard drive to a few different computers in an attempt to recover their data, but they could not access it via the USB connection. Recover Data From WD My Passport External Hard Drive When plugged in, the computer would not recognize the drive at all or would ask if they wanted to format the drive for use. This drive had important data on it, so formatting for use was out of the question. If you have important data on a drive and your computer asks you if you would like to format the drive, always say no! Testing the My Passport external drive The first step to recover data from WD My Passport external hard drive is to diagnose it for any hardware-based issues. Any hardware based issues need to be addressed before … Read more

Important Western Digital Hard Drive Making Noise

Western Digital drive that spins up, makes noise, then spins back down

The hard drive making noise was a Western Digital WD3200AAKS model that came to us from a lawyer in Goddard whose secretary’s computer stopped working. They reported the computer stopped working but they could hear some clicking noises coming from the machine when they tried to boot it up. The drive was the main drive inside the computer and held important data as well as the operating system and programs the firm needed to run smoothly. Recovering a hard drive making noise The symptom was reported as the hard drive making weird noises and not showing up on any computer. This drive did indeed go to a computer repair shop before us, and that shop told the client the drive would likely need a lab recovery due to the clicking noises it was making. Most computer repair shops will listen to a drive like this and automatically think it has an internal problem of some kind. It sounds like a motor issue, heads issue, or some other major issue requiring a platter swap or similar. … Read more

Western Digital Click of Death Fix

WD20NMVW 2TB Drive

A teacher at a local college said she needed a “click of death fix” on this 2TB external My Passport Western Digital drive. A click of death issue is normally associated with a heads problem, but that is not always the case. I recover drives with clicking issues that end up having something else wrong other than heads all the time. In this case, the heads would end up being the issue, but be aware that if the drive has not been dropped and is clicking, there is a very good chance it is a problem other than the heads causing the noise. Click of Death Fix This particular WD20NMVW drive had the USB port built onto the printed circuit board of the drive. So instead of being able to connect it to my PC-3000 and diagnose the drive, the first step was to get a new printed circuit board (PCB) with a SATA connection that was compatible. Once the donor board arrived I moved the ROM over from the old PCB to the new. … Read more

Western Digital Data Recovery – Disoriented Module 32 Slow Fix

Western Digital Data Recovery 500GB WD5000BPKT

This Western Digital data recovery was referred by a shop near Partridge, Kansas. The hard drive was thought to have some kind of heads issue as it wouldn’t read on a computer, but you could hear it spin up and start seeking. The repair shop told the client they figured the problem must be internal since the recovery computers they had wouldn’t even recognize the drive at all. This particular shop has recommended us over the years for affordable lab data recovery when they are not able to recover the drive themselves. Western Digital Data Recovery – Slow Fix This particular WD5000BPKT model is known to have a firmware issue called the “Slow Issue”. The fix has been used so much that it is now called the “Slow Fix”. It is a fairly widespread issue on Western Digital hard drives. The issue with the firmware is that a particular firmware module gets corrupted. This module is almost always module 32, but sometimes module 2 is involved as well. These modules must be read by the … Read more