Recovering a Samsung ST1000LM024 with Bad Sectors

1TB Samsung ST1000LM024 Laptop Drive

I received a call regarding a Samsung ST1000LM024 hard drive with bad sectors that needed to be recovered while at the Kansas State Fair with my boys (enjoying some D&J Pronto Pup). It was a referral from a local computer repair shop for a drive that they were not able to access the data. The drive belonged to a small business that does carpet cleaning, so they needed it recovered to get their business data back as quickly as possible. The repair shop had attempted a recovery using software based methods but was not successful in getting any usable data from the drive. The shop recommended my services as an affordable alternative to the expensive data recovery service they were quoted by another larger data recovery lab. Samsung ST1000LM024 Recovery The Samsung drive was a 1TB laptop drive with model number ST1000LM024. I was able to test the heads with the PC-3000 and they did test as good. Doing a random read test across the drive I found there were areas with bad sectors present. … Read more

Beeping Samsung ST1000LM024 Drive Recovered

Top of Samsung Laptop Drive

This beeping Samsung hard drive came from a photographer’s laptop that was used to store professional photos. A shop in McPherson said the client brought the computer in with the issue description of not booting with a slight beeping sound. The shop found that the computer was not recognizing the internal drive, and they could hear a slight beep from where the hard drive was connected. Beeping Samsung Recovery Project The repair shop referred the customer to us so we could get the data off the beeping internal drive at an affordable price. We have done a few recoveries for this shop and another of them was for a beeping drive! So they knew we were a good fit for the job. I drove over to Inman to pick up the drive and, as soon as I got back, opened it in the clean room to do a visual inspection. My hunch was proved correct; the heads were stuck on the platter. Heads stuck on ST1000LM024 model drive Heads getting stuck on the platter is … Read more

Hard Drive Recovery on Samsung ST1000LM024

Hard Drive Recovery on Samsung ST1000LM024

I get a lot of clients that contact me to ask about my affordable hard drive recovery service. Most have been told by another recovery professional that their drive requires a clean room in order to replace bad heads. In my experience, only about 15-20% of drives that come in require a clean room recovery. Most are recoverable under our Standard or Standard+ tiers. Samsung ST1000LM024 Hard Drive Recovery This drive belonged to a client who had been working with another recovery company for a while. They had been told that a drive with the symptoms this drive had would need a “head swap” to function again. Spin up, spin down drive symptom When plugged into power, the ST1000LM024 hard drive would spin up, seek for a while (sounds like light clicking), then spin back down. It would not be recognized by any computer at all. This Samsung drive came to me with 4 issues present: Bad sectors Weak heads Firmware corruption Partition corruption. The two main issues were the bad sectors present on the … Read more