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Beeping Sound Coming From Seagate Momentus Thin 500GB Laptop Drive

I received this Seagate Momentus Thin drive from a nearby shop via our mail-in recovery service. The customer had brought their laptop in because it has stopped working, and the shop had removed the drive and found it was making a beeping sound instead of working normally. While the shop offers general computer repair, they do not offer clean room data recovery so they sent the drive to me to complete the recovery.

This ST500LT012 model drive is very thin and they seem to have a higher failure rate in my experience. The beeping sound on this drive is almost always caused the heads being stuck on the platter and not allowing the motor to spin the platters. The beep is the sound the motor makes when it fails to spin properly.

In this case I opened the drive as soon as I received it to complete an inspection in the clean room under a microscope. The heads all looked intact and there was no visible damage to the platters so I continued with a tool that lets me lift the heads off the platter and move them back to their proper spot in order to spin up the drive. After carefully inspecting the heads I could see there was no damage so I turned it on and the heads worked properly!

Imaging the drive went smoothly as there was no damage on the surface of the platter where the heads were stuck. Sometimes if there is a little bit of platter damage (like when the heads are damaged when they become stuck and they need to be replaced), it can be very difficult to get as much as the data as possible from that area of the drive. But in this case with no damage the imaging process went through easily.

Once I had imaged the drive 100%, I ran the recovery software on the image and recovered 100% of the data on the drive. The shop had a happy customer as they were able to get all their important data back for far less then some of the other clean room data recovery labs charge.

If you would like help recovering the data from your drive, or if you are a shop that would like to send drives to me for recovery, please just contact me with any questions and we can go over the project and how to get started.

Thanks for reading!