Western Digital Drive spins up, makes some weird noises, then spins back down.

This Western Digital WD3200AAKS 320GB drive came in from a lawyer in Goddard whos secretary’s computer stopped working. The drive was the main drive inside the computer and held important data as well as the operating system and programs the firm needed to run smoothly.

The issue was reported as the drive making weird noises and not showing up on any computer. Most computer repair shops will listen to a drive like this and automatically think it has an internal problem of some kind. It sounds like a motor issue or some other major issue requiring a platter swap or similar.

Once the drive was dropped off, I started with an inspection and found that everything looked good on the inside. With this model drive, sometimes this behavior is actually due to a problem with the PCB rather than something internal to the drive. I had a compatible donor PCB in stock (I try to keep as many parts as possible in stock), and swapped the original PCB for the donor PCB. Moving the ROM over went smoothly and the drive booted right up!

Even if the PCB is likely the only issue, you still treat every drive like a delicate recovery and continue to the PC-3000 to prepare the drive for imaging. In this case I was able to get 100% of the sectors on the drive. The client requested that I attempt to clone the data to another 3.5 inch drive directly and they would see if it would boot their original computer. This doesn’t always work, but in this case an exact clone did the trick and the computer booted right up off the new drive and they were able to get back to work right away.

Check out my data recovery pricing tiers page, and let me know if you have any questions about your own recovery project! I hope to be able to help you get the important data off your drive.