Toshiba DT01ACA200 2TB Drive Not Working After Power Outage

This 2TB Toshiba drive came from a local small business that creates custom T-Shirts. The drive had stopped responding after a power outage that occurred at the business location. For those keeping track at home, this was a Toshiba DT01ACA200 model drive. I generally find Toshiba 3.5” drives like this one to be fairly robust.

The small business owner had brought the drive to a computer repair shop in Wichita, who verified the issue and recommended that she call us directly for data recovery. While some computer repair shops are able to provide data recovery services, I believe the best computer repair shops know their limits and send drives to dedicated recovery labs when needed.

We were able to recover 100% of the files so the small business owner could get everything running smoothly again.

As a small business owner myself I truly understand how important it is to get up and running quickly after a piece of equipment fails. If you have a failed drive that is mission critical to your business and you need a fast and reliable data recovery service, please consider us! You can start by filling out a quote form and I will get back to you letting you know what price tier I believe your drive will be covered under.