Toshiba DT01ACA200 Hard Drive Not Working After Power Outage

2TB Toshiba Desktop Drive that stopped working after power outage

This 2TB Toshiba drive came from a local small business that creates custom T-Shirts. The drive had stopped responding after a power outage that occurred at the business location. The power outage was caused by a power surge in the area. Power Outage Failures For those keeping track at home, this was a Toshiba DT01ACA200 model drive. I generally find Toshiba 3.5” drives like this one to be fairly robust. With a power outage leading up to the drive failure, it was almost certain that the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) would be the issue with the drive. While a power surge can cause other damage to a hard drive (think head pre-amp or similar), the most common issue by far is an electrical failure on the PCB itself. Hard drive not working recovery The small business owner had brought this Toshiba hard drive to a computer repair shop in Wichita, who verified there was an issue with the hard drive and recommended that she call us directly for affordable data recovery services. While some computer … Read more