Computer would not recognize the Intel SSD Pro 2500 360GB after it just stopped working.

A computer repair shop in Wichita referred a client to us who had an older Intel SSD Pro drive. The customer had brought a laptop into the shop because it was no longer fully booting and reported that it had just stopped working randomly. Once the repair shop had narrowed the issue down to the drive itself, they attempted to get the data off the drive by connecting it to another machine and using software-based tools. They were not able to get any data from the drive, so they recommended for the customer to contact us to see if we could help recover this Intel SSD.

In this case the SSD had stopped working because of sectors going bad in just the wrong spots in the drive (often times referred to as Bad Blocks). Once I had access to the sectors, I was able to image 99.9999% of the drive and get all the important data back for the client.

If you have a drive that you need to get the data recovered from, please fill out my recovery quote form and I will get back to you right away regarding your drive. Or feel free to give me a call and discuss the project over the phone. I look forward to helping you get your data back.