Unresponsive Samsung SSD Data Recovery Service

Samsung 850 PRO not being recognized by computer

I received this unresponsive Samsung 850 Pro as a mail-in for our SSD data recovery service. The client mailed the 512GB solid state drive in from Michigan to my lab here in Kansas. They needed the data from the hard drive, but it was not mounting on their computer at all. In fact, the computer would not recognize the SSD when connected. The client had already tried connecting the drive to other computers and had troubleshot the issue until they were certain the drive itself was the issue. The customer had discussed their Samsung 850 Pro with other recovery companies before deciding on us to attempt the recovery. They liked our affordable flat rate recovery service as well as the fact I was able to discuss what the issue might be for this particular Samsung SSD data recovery. Firmware Samsung SSD Data Recovery The problem with this drive ended up being a firmware-based issue. These Samsung 850 PRO drives have a common firmware issue that you can address using the PC-3000 by ACE Laboratories. Thanks … Read more

Intel Pro 2500 SSD Stopped Working

Intel SSD Pro Drive that wouldn't mount

A computer repair shop in Wichita referred a client to us who had an older Intel SSD Pro drive. The customer had brought a laptop into the shop because it was no longer fully booting and reported that it had just stopped working randomly. The repair shop found that the SSD stopped working and that is what was causing the issues with the laptop. SSD Stopped Working Recovery The repair shop attempted to get the data off the drive by connecting it to another machine and using software-based data recovery tools. They were not able to get any data from the drive at all, so they recommended for the customer to contact us to see if we could help recover this Intel SSD for an affordable rate. Some people are surprised to hear that SSD drives can fail in similar ways to a regular hard drive. Always have a full backup of any important data no matter what you use to store your files, as all drives will fail eventually. I rarely see these Intel … Read more