Computer Doesn’t Recognize Seagate ST2000DM001 After Power Damage

This Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB Desktop Drive came from a shop locally here in Wichita. Their client had reported the drive no longer would be recognized by any computer, and the shop verified this was the case by attaching it to one of their test machines.

Once I received the drive, I completed a visual inspection. I found damage on the power port that was the likely culprit of the no power issue. I had a donor board in stock so I was able to swap out the PCB and swap over the ROM chip.

Once the PCB and ROM chip swap was complete, I connected the drive to the PC-3000 and completed all the standard procedures to prepare the drive for imaging. Since the drive was now spinning up and reading properly, I was confident the issue had been addressed, but you should still complete the imaging process before moving onto the data transfer stage.

The imaging process completed with very few bad sectors being found, and I was able to transfer 100% of the customers data onto a new backup drive.

I don’t see a lot of these power-related issues, but every once in a while I will get a drive that has PCB damage as the main issue.

If you have a drive that needs to be recovered, please fill out my data recovery quote form and I will get back to you on what will likely be needed to complete the recovery right away.