Professional Seagate Data Recovery

1127 ST2000DM001 Tax File Recovery

This last Tax season was a busy time here at Yellow Brick Data Recovery. A lot of people try to get old receipts and other tax related documents off of drives they have been stored in and find there is an issue with the drive. We get drives from all over the country during this time via our mail-in service. Seagate Data Recovery A call came in from a client in Colorado who explained their external Seagate hard drive had stopped working suddenly and they needed a Seagate data recovery service so they could access their important files in time for tax season. It was reported that the drive would spin up as it should, but would not be recognized by the computer at all. The client had even tried removing the ST2000DM001 hard drive from inside the Seagate external enclosure and plugging it directly into a computer. They thought maybe the drive wasn’t receiving enough power or there was some other issue with the hard drive enclosure. Unfortunately, the drive continued to not show … Read more

Hard Drive Not Showing Up After Power Damage

PCB view of burned pins on Seagate Drive

The hard drive not showing up issue can be caused by many different things. The most common issues are ones with bad sectors, failed heads if the drive was dropped, or issues with partition corruption. Anytime a drive stops working right after some sort of power issue (like a power surge), I would suspect the PCB board to have issues. Seagate Hard Drive Not Showing Up This particular Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB Desktop Drive came from a shop that offers some data recovery services, but mainly focuses on computer repair. Their client had reported the drive no longer would be recognized by any computer, and the shop verified this was the case by attaching it to their test machines. The drive wouldn’t even spin up or make any noise when turned on. The shop that looked at the drive initially recommended the customer contact us regarding data recovery as they had important files on the drive that had not been backed up. In the past, this shop had recommended one of the larger data recovery companies … Read more