Mac Hard Drive Recovery with Bonus Time Machine Drive

Two Hitachi drives from Macs that stopped working

A lot of the recoveries I get locally are referrals from computer repair shops around Kansas. Many people don’t know what the problem is with their computer until a repair shop takes a look and lets them know it is the hard drive inside the computer and that they will need data recovery if they don’t have a backup of any important data. Mac Hard Drive Recovery These two drives came from a customer in McPherson that was recommended to me by a local computer repair shop. The repair shop had diagnosed their 2010 Mac mini as having a bad drive. It had stopped booting fully and instead would just get stuck on the spinning wheel during startup. The customer had used Time Machine to both back up their computer every once in a while, and also to archive old files that they no longer needed to store on the computer itself. Side note here, I don’t recommend using Time Machine as an archiving utility, it is strictly for back up as it prunes archived … Read more

Recovering a Samsung ST1000LM024 with Bad Sectors

1TB Samsung ST1000LM024 Laptop Drive

I received a call regarding a Samsung ST1000LM024 hard drive with bad sectors that needed to be recovered while at the Kansas State Fair with my boys (enjoying some D&J Pronto Pup). It was a referral from a local computer repair shop for a drive that they were not able to access the data. The drive belonged to a small business that does carpet cleaning, so they needed it recovered to get their business data back as quickly as possible. The repair shop had attempted a recovery using software based methods but was not successful in getting any usable data from the drive. The shop recommended my services as an affordable alternative to the expensive data recovery service they were quoted by another larger data recovery lab. Samsung ST1000LM024 Recovery The Samsung drive was a 1TB laptop drive with model number ST1000LM024. I was able to test the heads with the PC-3000 and they did test as good. Doing a random read test across the drive I found there were areas with bad sectors present. … Read more

Master Business Server Data Recovery

Toshiba 3.5" Desktop Drive Model DT01ACA100

Business Server Data Recovery As a business owner, I understand how important it is to have your server up and running properly. If you need business server data recovery, you are likely pretty stressed. From internal wikis to customer databases to inventory control, your business requires the data on the server more and more these days. Your entire business can grind to a halt when a drive fails, causing a loss of important revenue. This drive came from a client that owned a business where their server went down and they were told by a local computer repair shop that the drive was the issue. The computer repair shop was not able to recover the data and recommended we attempt a data recovery as backups were not available for some of the data. This particular repair shop sends any recoveries they are not able to complete to us for our affordable data recovery service. Recovering the data from the crashed server The drive inside the business server was a Toshiba 1TB DT01ACA100 model from 2017. … Read more