USB flash drive keeps disconnecting when connected to computer.

I received a call from a client in Little River and he informed me his Transcend 16GB USB Flash Drive wouldn’t show up on his computer when he plugged it in, or if it did show up, would disconnect almost immediately. This behavior was keeping him from being able to access any of the important files he had stored on the drive.

After receiving the USB flash drive, I did a visual inspection and everything looked good physically. There was debris in the USB port itself, which is common for these pocketable drives, so I cleaned that out with alcohol before starting the recovery attempt. I also reflowed the USB connector onto the board in case there was an issue with a connection there (another common issue with these drives).

Once the touchups were done I connected it up to the recovery rig and disabled the MBR on the drive so the computer would not try to mount the volume. With the MBR disabled I was able to scan for files and recover the most important data on the drive.

The client was very happy to have his important data recovered from what he thought was an unrecoverable USB flash drive.

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