Unresponsive USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

Expanded view of Transcent 16GB USB Drive that is not staying connected to computer

I received a call from a client in Little River, Kansas who needed a flash drive data recovery. He informed me his Transcend 16GB USB Flash Drive wouldn’t show up on his computer when he plugged it in, or if it did show up, it would disconnect almost immediately. Nothing seemed to lead up to this behavior (like the classic going through the wash in your pocket), it just stopped responding out of the blue. This unresponsive behavior was keeping him from being able to access any of the important files he had stored on the drive. I told him about the affordable flash drive recovery service we offer, and he made the decision to drop it off for data recovery. Flash Drive Data Recovery Flash drives are becoming so inexpensive that they are everywhere. For about $10 you can get a 32GB or even larger USB drive for a convenient way of transporting files. Do keep in mind though that flash drives do fail. Always have a backup of the data you are storing … Read more