iMac Drive Just Stopped Working – Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 2TB 2011 Apple Drive

This 2TB Hitachi drive came from a Mac that stopped working randomly. The client brought the computer to a computer repair shop and the shop found the issue with the computer was the drive itself. They pulled the drive from the Mac and tested it with another computer, but the drive would not mount or be recognized when plugged into a computer.

There were photos and work documents on this drive that were important to the client, so the computer repair shop in Wichita recommended their client bring the drive to us for data recovery.

When I received the drive I connected it to the PC-3000 for diagnostics and found that while it was responding and I was able to read data from the platters, it was running very slowly. So slowly that it would take a very long time to mount on a computer running a standard operating system; then when it had fully mounted it would have taken months to image the drive fully.

In this case the slowness was being caused by a firmware issue. Basically, there is a portion of the firmware that watches for sectors that are failing on the drive, and moves any data that is in or near these bad sectors to parts of the drive that are good. This auto-relocation portion of the firmware was the cause of the issue, so by turning it off I was able to get 100% of the sectors on the drive imaged over quickly. The entire recovery process on this drive was completed within 3 days of drop-off.

This drive was from inside a Mac that was about 10 years old. I recommend always having a backup of all important data, but it becomes even more important as the drive gets older. As a drive ages, the chance of it having a failure goes up substantially.

Do you have a Mac drive that needs recovery? I offer hard drive recovery for all types of computers including Macs and Windows Machines. Please give me a call or fill out my free quote form to get the process started. I look forward to helping you recover your important data.