Can’t Access Data on a 2TB Seagate Laptop HDD

This Seagate Drive went to a computer repair shop first. It was inside a laptop, and the laptop just stopped working randomly. The repair shop narrowed the issue down to the drive. While the hard drive itself was recognized by the computer, it would not mount and they were not able to recover any usable files with their standard data recovery software.

For those keeping score this was a Samsung drive rebranded as Seagate ST2000LM003 SEAGATE HN-M201RAD/M1 F/W: 2BE10001 2TB drive. These 2TB laptop drives were popular for a while for inside some Windows-based laptops.

After completing the initial inspection, I found that this drive was working properly hardware wise. The heads tested good, I was able to access the data on the platters, and I was able to turn off everything I needed to on the firmware to setup the drive for imaging. I was able to image 100% of the sectors from the drive.

The partition information was badly corrupted, so the next step after the imaging was to run recovery software to get the most usable data back as possible. I normally run at least two recovery programs on the data and then compare results. In this case, the program UFS Explorer was able to get the folder structure back and was by far the best option for recovery.

The client was pleased to hear that I was able to get their important data back off their machine. If you need help getting the data off your laptop, please fill out my free recovery quote form and I will get back to you right away. Or you can give me a call at (620) 615-6836.

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