Hard Drive Makes Clicking Noise and Won’t Boot – Surprising Seagate Data Recovery

Seagate Data Recovery

There are some times when recoveries just work out better than you expect! This Seagate data recovery project came in as a referral by a local computer repair shop which had diagnosed the drive as likely having a heads issue. They reported the hard drive makes clicking noise and won’t boot. During diagnosis I confirmed that while there wasn’t any platter damage and the heads looked good physically, one of the heads would not read. Hard drive makes clicking noise and won’t boot This Thin model ST500LT012 of the Momentus 500GB drive only has a total of 2 heads, so the most I can get without swapping the head stack is 50%. Basically, the drive was created with a single platter to allow the drive to be super thin. Each side of the platter has a single head reading and writing information. So with one of the heads not working, I could only recover one side of the platter. Because the non-functioning head wasn’t causing any damage, I was able to image 50% of the … Read more