Beeping Samsung ST1000LM024 Drive Recovered

Top of Samsung Laptop Drive

This beeping Samsung hard drive came from a photographer’s laptop that was used to store professional photos. A shop in McPherson said the client brought the computer in with the issue description of not booting with a slight beeping sound. The shop found that the computer was not recognizing the internal drive, and they could hear a slight beep from where the hard drive was connected. Beeping Samsung Recovery Project The repair shop referred the customer to us so we could get the data off the beeping internal drive at an affordable price. We have done a few recoveries for this shop and another of them was for a beeping drive! So they knew we were a good fit for the job. I drove over to Inman to pick up the drive and, as soon as I got back, opened it in the clean room to do a visual inspection. My hunch was proved correct; the heads were stuck on the platter. Heads stuck on ST1000LM024 model drive Heads getting stuck on the platter is … Read more