Recovering Photos from Accidentally Formatted External Drive

External Toshiba that was accidentally formatted

During one of my pickups in Wichita, I received a call from a client that had an accidentally formatted external hard drive that they needed photos (and some important documents) recovered from. Photo recovery is the number one type of data that I see needing to be recovered from accidentally formatted drives. Because of this, I have invested in some pretty great recovery software that allows me to offer deleted and format recovery services. I do have special pricing for accidental formatting or deleted data recovery. The price for this service is less than my Standard data recovery service. Formatted External Recovery The client told me they were trying to create a boot drive for their computer on the external drive and didn’t realize that formatting the drive would cause all the data to be deleted. They had hoped to just add the operating system to the hard drive while leaving all the data on the drive intact but had accidentally formatted the drive which erased all the data present. The external drive was not … Read more