Professional Synology Data Recovery

Two drives from a Synology that stopped working

These 2 Western Digital drives came in from a Synology RAID device. The data was important as it was the main server for a lawyer firm, so a Synology data recovery service was needed. The RAID just stopped mounting and the customer had brought the device into a local repair shop to try to get it back up and running. The repair shop was not able to access any of the data on the drives and they recommended us for the data recovery service. Recovering a RAID Array Different RAIDs are configured with different settings. In this case, the RAID was configured in what is called a RAID 0 format. This means half the data is on one drive, and half the data is on the other. A RAID configuration like RAID 0 will help the storage device run much faster than if you are storing files on a single drive. But if one drive fails, you lose access to all the data. With a Synology RAID like this, you can’t just pull the drives … Read more