Memorex Floppy Disk Recovery. A blast from the past.

It isn’t every day that I get a call about recovering data from a floppy drive that isn’t mounting, but I am always excited to try to recover important data that has aged to perfection. In this case I was contacted by a gentleman who had a short story that he had written over 20 years ago that was on a floppy disk that wouldn’t mount on his computer. I told him to mail-it in and I would do my best to recover the data.

Floppy Recovery

Once it arrived I inspected the media and it looked good… but after plugged it in, I found that, sure enough, it wasn’t mounting. I also noted the seek noises sounded receptive (as if it wasn’t finding the data it was looking for in order to mount the volume). I did have access to sectors on the media if I started at the end of the disk, so I started a slow imaging scan in reverse. That initial scan got back most of the sectors, but I completed a few more passes to make sure I got all the sectors possible from the drive.

Once the imaging was complete, I scanned the image with UFS Explorer Pro, and sure enough there were the short stories! I was also able to recover some additional data that was stored on the floppy drive. For the first time in a very long time, I was able to email all the info to the customer. All 1.4MB of it. My client was very pleased with the results and was excited to have the data back.

I think there are two reasons I like working with older media like this. 

  1. It is fun to remember the good old times. Growing up, floppys were standard, so working on one brought me way back. Basically, every part of the process is a shot of nostalgia.
  2. Getting the data back from old media is like opening a time capsule! There is something really fun about it.

If you have a floppy drive or other old media that you need recovered, please contact me by filling out my quote form or giving me a call. My phone number is (620) 615-6836. I don’t have the equipment necessary to recover from some older media forms, but I would love to help you get the data back off of any media I am able to work with.