HGST Drive Just Stopped Working – Photos and Work Documents Recovery

This HGST drive is an HTS545050A7E680 500GB drive that was made in February of 2014. This client took their computer into their local computer repair shop to find out why the computer had just suddenly stopped working. They used the computer for personal photo storage as well as work documents, so they needed all the data back and the computer to be back up and running.

The computer repair shop found that the hard drive was not responding properly, which in turn caused the computer to not boot fully. They removed the hard drive from the computer and discovered the drive was not showing up on their data recovery rigs. The repair shop was able to get the computer working again with a new drive, but recommended the client contact us regarding getting the important photos and work documents recovered.

Once we received the drive I diagnosed it with the PC-3000 and found that the heads were working properly and I had access to the data on the platters. I prepared the firmware of the drive to optimize the imaging process, then connected it to a Deepspar Disk Imager to complete the imaging process.

After the imaging was complete, I was able to scan the recovered sectors and get back 100% of the data from the drive. The client was pleased to have all their photos and work documents back safe and sound.

The actual problem with this drive ended up being bad sectors. Sometimes sectors can go bad at just the wrong place on the drive, making the computer not be able to mount the partition. That was what was happening in this case. I did a few passes on the imager and was able to get back everything except a single sector. 

This is always a good reminder that most computer repair shops will do their best to get the data back off a failing drive, but without the expensive tools and years of experience recovering data, they may not be successful in recovering the data. Even if the issue is just bad sectors.

If you have a drive that is not showing up and you need data off it, please let me know by filling out my quote form or giving me a call at (620) 615-6836. I look forward to helping you get your important data back!